Paw Prints And Sunset Views

Recently I have been walking home right when the sun is setting, creating magical views. On my walks to and from work, I usually cross paths with an animal or two. I don’t know why, but I enjoy seeing the animal prints in the snow. I only have one really good picture so I thought […]

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I can not believe another month has come and gone. This month felt rather busy and I’m sure December will be just the same. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Month and here on the blog, I’m excited to bring you some new material I have in the works. Looking back this month, 8 additional […]

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This month was an action packed month of posts. Did you read them all? Maybe you missed one or you can’t remember which one had the tractor picture in it. Well, look no further than this Month-in-Review to find the answers to all your questions. To read any old stories, simply click on any of […]

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I’m glad you joined me this month as I officially started my blogging journey. This month, I released a handful of posts. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them. In case you missed any posts or wanted to re-read any of your favorites, I have included them below as part […]

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