You might have noticed that during the last few weeks, there seems to have been less articles written than normal. This is true. During the last two months, I have not been writing articles like I once was doing. These last few months have been busy, what with a VRF (Volunteer Reporting Form) to complete, English Clubs to plan, project plans to translate and look into grants for, and planning for summer activities. Now as the VRF is complete and I have gotten back into the rhythm of english clubs, I should have more time to write about my recent adventures. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss what future articles I have in store. As you wait, check out the list of articles you might have missed:

February in Review

February started off with A Super Blood Wolf Moon Kind of Week. If that title doesn’t entice you to read the post, I’m not sure what will.

Thinking winter was over, I talked about Winter in Moldova. This post is filled with so many pictures for your viewing pleasure. It might be officially spring time now, but winter keeps trying to come back. This past Wednesday, we had snow on the ground when we awoke. Generally though, spring is coming with longer days and warmer and warmer weather.

The next posted talked about the Project Planning Workshop.

The last two articles of the month dealt with Peace Corps, specifically Peace Corps Week and Peace Corps Moldova.


I wrote less in March, but it was a busy month. One post I shared with you was about Martisor. The other celebration I shared with you was about Zuia Femeilor and visit to Romania.

That might not be a lot of blog posts, but have no fear, more articles will be posted soon. Until then, grab yourself a cup of joe.

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