Veterans’ Day Abroad

Every November 11th in America, we honor all veterans who have fought for and defended our country. We simply call the day, Veterans’ Day, but some countries throughout the world call it Armistice Day. This day to honor veterans originated after the end of the First World War as a way to honor the millions […]

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First Week of November

This past week has been fairly busy. To summarize, my 6-year-old host niece stayed the week with my host parents and me. We played a lot of cards, watched some tv, colored, and had a blast hanging out. In addition to hosting a new guest, my work partner and I had a meeting with my […]

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La Multi Ani, Happy Birthday!

Birthday Celebrations! In the 5 months that I have been here, I have celebrated 8+ birthdays: 2 host mothers, 2 host sisters, a few fellow PCVs, and some host family friends! Yesterday, I celebrated my current host sister’s birthday and missed my uncle’s birthday (back in the US). This got me thinking about the differences […]

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Today I had a unique and fun experience. With my host family, I was invited to eat at my host mom’s friend’s house. I was excited to get to see someone else’s house and to reconnect with this lady, as I had met her on several occasions. When we arrived to the house, I witnessed […]

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English Clubs

This week marked the start of my English clubs at the library. Tuesdays: English Club for Children Thursdays: English Club for Adults I was a little hesitant to start English Clubs so early into being at my new site. It isn’t that I don’t know what to do or teach, PC has many technical classes […]

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Care Packages

I have to confess: I have been struggling to figure out what I want to write about this week. There are many articles I have in the works, but I’ve been hesitant to finish any of them. As I debated what to write and contemplated the possibility of forgoing a post this week, an idea […]

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