This month was an action packed month of posts. Did you read them all? Maybe you missed one or you can’t remember which one had the tractor picture in it. Well, look no further than this Month-in-Review to find the answers to all your questions. To read any old stories, simply click on any of the highlighted words below and you will be redirected to that page.

To show the many astonishing scenes and views I witness, I created a new section, New World View, with an emphasis to showcase the beauty of Moldova. The first article in this new category was Views to Work. Which offered just a snapshot of the many views of tractors, chickens, and nature I see on my way to work.

The second installment of New World View showed off Forest Views.

The third and final installment of New World View for the month of October was Lake View, harboring back to the start of summer and my first few days in Moldova.

This month I shared a post about the culture of Bar-B-Que’s and the join of attending a recent one.

I wrote a post about Birthday Parties and how they compare with American celebrations.

And finally, I shared a story of one of my host brothers. I enjoyed sharing all these great memories with you and can’t believe all the memories I’ve already made in my short time here.



I’m so thankful to have dedicated readers like you. What posts did you like best? Is there anything you’d like to see more of? Put your thoughts in the comments or send me a line at the contact me page. I’d love to hear your views. And as always, enjoy a cup of joe!

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