Ice Views

Why yes, this title is similar to my Snow Views, but consists of completely different images. You see, earlier this week, the temperature had been flirting with the freezing line (when the following photos were taken) causing the snow to melt-freeze-melt-freeze-melt, you get the picture. Anyway, as I write this blog post today, the temperature […]

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Snow Views

This past week, winter arrived to Moldova in full force. My host niece made a little snowman (om de zăpadă). She was so proud of it and it looked so cute. However, eventually, she would knock the snowman over and use the snow remains for her snowball arsenal in the snowball fight that ensued later. […]

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Harvest Views

As the Harvest season comes to an end, I thought I would show some views of the many fruits I helped collect this year. Whether I spent hours out in the fields picking grapes or a dozen minutes picking apples and pears, the hard work was made enjoyable by spending it with my host family. […]

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Dessert Views

On my mom’s side of the family, November is generally considered a birthday month. With many cousins, aunts, uncles, extended family and a sister with birthdays, the month is fairly busy. With an aunt celebrating a birthday yesterday and my mom tomorrow, I thought I would share some dessert views. From cake and all the […]

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Fall Views

It seems Fall (Autumn) is here to stay. I’ve been impressed with the all the foliage as it’s changed to many vibrant shades of auburn and gold. These pictures in no way capture the full beauty of the Fall Season here in Moldova, but here is just a glimpse of what I have seen. Around […]

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Lake View

I have to admit, I do not live near this lake. This photo was taken during my first few days in Moldova, while I was fighting off jetleg, getting to know my volunteer cohort, and learning all of the essentials. I happened to be at the perfect angle for a most beautiful picture; taken at […]

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