I’m glad you joined me this month as I officially started my blogging journey. This month, I released a handful of posts. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them. In case you missed any posts or wanted to re-read any of your favorites, I have included them below as part of my Month-in-Review.

First, I welcomed you to my blog and brought you a brief recap of what I had been up to the last few months in Moldova.

Then, I told you about my experiences of my first day at the local school and the beginning of fall here.

I was able to tell you about my experiences as part of the harvest season and plum festival.

I shared my care package with you.

And finally, you were able to see how my first English club went.

This journey has only started, yet I’m so happy you have joined me for this ride of a life time. I’m working on more posts, but as always, if you have suggestions, ideas, questions, etc. feel free to send them my way on the contact page. Until next time, enjoy a cup of joe.

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