To end the year, I thought I would look back on my time in Moldova. Many of my experiences I wrote about here on the blog. With that in mind, I thought it would be good to look back on the activity of my blog, from the stats to the most read articles. This has been a great year, filled with memories and adventures. I can’t wait for 2019. But before we leave 2018, here is something to read:

Stats from the Blog (as of December 30th):


Number of posts made this year


Number of Photos shared


Number of Words Written

Top 5 Most Read Posts of 2018

Many people have read and commented on my blog, and I am grateful for everyone following along. The following is the top 5 most read posts from this past year.

#5 Satul Meu Sunset View

#4 Looking back at 2018

#3 Ice Views

#2 Harvest Season & Plum Festival

And #1 Bine ati venit!

Some of My Favorite Articles and Memories of 2018

Remembering all that happened in 2018 brings back so much joy. Some of my favorite memories and photographs include:

Thanks for reading about my experiences and adventures in 2018. I hope you enjoyed hearing about them as much as I enjoyed writing (and experiencing) them. If you missed any articles, feel free to go back and enjoy. Many memories are timeless and can be read anytime.
Enjoy one last cup of joe this year.

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