It seems Fall (Autumn) is here to stay. I’ve been impressed with the all the foliage as it’s changed to many vibrant shades of auburn and gold. These pictures in no way capture the full beauty of the Fall Season here in Moldova, but here is just a glimpse of what I have seen. Around this time of year, I think of my family and our trips we took through the years to Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest. We took many trips there and during all seasons of year, but I remember one particular fall where all 5 (mom, dad, sisters, and I) went to the park to awe at the leaves changing colors. It had been fairly dry and around the rock roads, trees were covered in white dust, but being on top of the rock formations and looking out into the vast forest, there was a sea of fall colors. Maybe it’s because I’m in a hilly part of the country and all the leaves are changing, but for some reason, these photos just really reminded me of being back at Shawnee with my family.

As you can see in the photos above, no fall montage would be complete without fall fruits (apples and pears).

I hope it is not cold where ever you are at, but if so, bundle up and enjoy a cup of joe.

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