In the Kitchen

Recently I was able to help my host mom make biscuiți and plăcinte. It was a neat experience to make these delicious foods, one that was used for our snack for a few days and another we had for dinner that night. I learned a lot in a few hours, and created some new memories along […]

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I can not believe another month has come and gone. This month felt rather busy and I’m sure December will be just the same. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Month and here on the blog, I’m excited to bring you some new material I have in the works. Looking back this month, 8 additional […]

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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving happened just a few days ago, and it was my first time being outside the country for this holiday. Every year, I celebrate with family, and even this year, that was still the case. This family was new to me and even a year ago, I’m not sure, I would have believed this is […]

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Lake View

I have to admit, I do not live near this lake. This photo was taken during my first few days in Moldova, while I was fighting off jetleg, getting to know my volunteer cohort, and learning all of the essentials. I happened to be at the perfect angle for a most beautiful picture; taken at […]

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English Clubs

This week marked the start of my English clubs at the library. Tuesdays: English Club for Children Thursdays: English Club for Adults I was a little hesitant to start English Clubs so early into being at my new site. It isn’t that I don’t know what to do or teach, PC has many technical classes […]

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