I have to confess: I have been struggling to figure out what I want to write about this week. There are many articles I have in the works, but I’ve been hesitant to finish any of them. As I debated what to write and contemplated the possibility of forgoing a post this week, an idea came right to me, literally.

I am fortunate to have some amazing family on two continents. These last few days have shown me that. In Moldova, this weekend, I helped some more with picking grapes. It was a perfect day to pick. This weekend we reaped red grapes instead of white (which we had picked the weekend before). These grapes were also very tasty. On Sunday, I went with my host sister to the local church. It was nice to finally see the inside of this building. I did not get any pictures, but it was beautiful.


On Monday, while I was at work, a special delivery came my way. The mail lady stopped by and had a package for me! It came from none other than America!! I think I was just as, if not more, surprised than [the sender,] my aunt that the package arrived in my village. For those of you that might not know, addresses in Moldova are extremely different than they are in America. This is especially true for villages. The address essentially is

Person’s name
Moldova post code
Republica Moldova

This is basically what most addresses look like here in villages (in cities, it is a little different). As someone used to the American system, I wondered how on earth mail would reach me (or quite frankly, how it reaches anyone). But lo-and-behold, it reached me! To say I was happy to receive this package is an understatement! I loved getting mail in the U.S., but now receiving mail takes on a whole new meaning! It could be argued that care packages are the lifeline of Peace Corps volunteers. I won’t disagree. There have been issues in the past though. Apparently one of my family members sent a package, but it never arrived (or at least, I have not been informed about it). For those who were wondering, this package took only 18 days to get to me, which doesn’t seem long, all things considered.

This care package consisted of many American-Fall essentials. It came with three candles, tons of candy, some energy bars, an assortment of condiments and sauces, summer sausage, crackers and a cheese-spread, some powdered-lemonade mix, and, the best part, a letter. Actually, I have to tell you, as I write this, I’m eating some sour-sloth candy (think sour-worms but with a sloth design), and drinking some lemonade made from one of the powders. This care package was to remind me of the beginning of fall time back home; football games, cooler weather, Halloween-season, and times with family. It included some of my favorite things and was a sweet reminder of America (pun intended).

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my family for the recent care package, and for everyone else who has ever sent me anything, mulțumesc frumos [thank you very much]. It means a lot that you took so much time, energy, and money to send me packages and letters. I am very grateful…Until next time, enjoy your cup of joe.


This photo isn’t the greatest, but it shows the assortment of goodies I received. Only one item was slightly broken (the flatbread crackers) and really it was only the outer package.




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