A New Year and new month brought many changes and new challenges. 2019 has just started, yet we are already going into month number 2! I can barely believe it myself. With new posts this month, you might have also noticed a change in the blog. A new year brought forth a new layout to the blog. (I hope you find it easier to read and navigate. I welcome your comments on it!) I decided it was time to change the theme (and the theme I had been using was no longer supported).

You might have noticed that I haven’t written much this month. It’s even been a few weeks since my last post. Recently, I have been very busy with creating lots of plans with my partners (We are working on project planning for an upcoming conference, starting to plan summer activities, and planning English club, among other things). I am currently working on another post for this week, but I’m afraid it won’t come out until February sometime.

Even with a lack of posting, I still managed to post 4 blog posts about Christmas in Moldova and Christmas in Poland.

The events of my first main post occurred during the week of December 22th through 28th. In this post, I wrote all about my adventures celebrating Christmas in Poland.

I took a lot of photos while in Poland, so I created a post dedicated to just that.

After my vacation in Poland, I arrived back in Moldova to celebrate Orthodox Christmas. This was my second main post for the month.

And of course, I shared more pictures from my Moldovan Christmas as well.

Yeah, that was it. That was all I wrote about this month. It wasn’t a lot, I know, but I’ll try to do better in February. I have many posts in the works and look forward to sharing them with you.

How was your January? Was it as busy as mine felt? Let me know in the comments.

And until next time, go enjoy a cup of joe.

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