So this is just a short post about a new little furry family member.

Over the winter, my host family’s dog passed away. I was told he was rather old. I did not get to see him much, but he seemed like a nice dog.

About three months ago or so, my host family got a new dog. The last dog was just called dog. However, our newest family member is named Maia. She is so cute. And now that it is warmer, she is able to be outside all the time (during the winter months, she was kept in a warmer storage area).

In villages throughout Moldova, it seems that nearly everyone has a dog or two. For many people, dogs act as the doorbell. Maia might eventually end up being that type of dog, but for now, she is a little shy and learning a lot.

So without further ado, here is Maia:

A black and white puppy is sitting and staring directly at the camera.
Black and white puppy is sitting with her head turned to the camera's right.
A black and white puppy has her photo taken from an angle behind 4 red tulips.

She is definitely a model.

Isn’t she so cute? Hopefully this gives you a nice warm surprise to your week. Until next time, enjoy a cup of joe.

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