I’ve decided to start a new segment here on the blog. Every Thursday I will be posting photos from what I have seen recently. Some of  these posts will have a theme to them; other times, it will just be whatever sights in my new world I’ve recently come across. I want to give a special shout out to a good friend who helped me come up with the name of this folder. As I adventure into new places throughout the world, I find new and exciting environments and attempt to capture some of these views in photos. Even the most mundane can seem magical if viewed from the right angle. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this weeks selection. And as always, enjoy a cup of joe.

On my walk to and from work, I never know what I’ll run across. When I saw this tractor, I knew I needed to take a photo. Anytime I see a tractor, it reminds me of back home and, specifically, my grandpa.
The biserică (church) I pass every day to get to work.
Chickens…One of many types of animals I run across on my way to work. This one is just steps from the entrance to work. Free range has a whole new meaning here.
One of the many beautiful scenes I pass on my way home.


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