This past week, winter arrived to Moldova in full force. My host niece made a little snowman (om de zăpadă). She was so proud of it and it looked so cute. However, eventually, she would knock the snowman over and use the snow remains for her snowball arsenal in the snowball fight that ensued later. The other photos seen here are from my walk to work this morning. This past week, I have been in the capital for meetings with Peace Corp and my partner, so I am catching up on all I missed in my village.

6 thoughts

  1. Hannah was so excited to see snow last week when she was here!! She had to take her mitten off to see what it felt like! No pulled her in a little sled. Kilynn was disappointed that she missed the snow!


  2. I love the cute little snowman. Looks like winter has arrived in Moldova. Hope you have plenty of winter clothes to keep you warm!


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