Forests- Pădurile

Moldovans are very proud of their parks, forests, and other woodlands. I’ve read that Chișinău is the greenest capital city in Europe in regards to parks and other green space. From visiting there myself, I can see this statement being true. There are tons of beautiful parks and many tree lined streets. The fascination and even respect of nature goes far away from the capital. Even in my small village, there is a nice size park. In America, I don’t think many towns this size or this isolated would have such a nice park. In addition to farmlands and vineyards, there are many forests around my village. One forest near my village reminds me of Lincoln and New Harmonie State Parks back home. Below is just a small sampling of woodlands I’ve been able to come across. Enjoy.

Near the top of the hill, on the outskirts of the village lies this forest. There is a nice open shelter where friends and families can relax and eat meals.
Apart of the park, I captured this photo and decided I needed to share it. Evident here is the brand new sidewalk that has just been completed.
Snapped with my lower quality camera phone on my way to the fields, this oasis of woodlands lies between vineyards and farmlands.
Another photograph of the beautiful forest near my town.

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  1. Love the outdoors! Will the leaves start turning colors soon there? Cooler temps here should bring the color out ! As I read your message the picture in grandmothers basement from your dads 40th party at Lincoln came to mind.


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