A Cup of Joe was designed to be a place to tell stories. Originally created to have a broad scope of articles and posts, but with the passage of time and new adventures, A Cup of Joe is now dedicated to telling stories of life in Moldova from a Peace Corps Volunteer. From the mundane to the extraordinary, these stories will give readers insight into the culture, people, and history that makes Moldova so special.  For those individuals who might need a refresher: Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe situated between Romania and Ukraine. It is known for its wines, hospitality, and unique history. Articles on this site will explore everything that Moldova has to offer, opening new insights about a region and country that many people throughout the world know little about. So grab a cup of your favorite joe (or tea if your prefer) and sit down and read some of these posts.

About Blogs From the Past Sections

New posts are created every Thursday and Sunday. But in order to search and see old posts, check out Blogs From the Past section in the sidebar. To make it easier to find past posts, the blog is divided into 3 sections: Peace Corps, New World View, and Month-In-Review. Peace Corps is the broadest section and is where most of the blog’s posts are located. Posts in this section consist of Peace Corps Moldova adventures and stories. New World View is the newest section at A Cup of Joe and dedicated to showing the world through pictures. Even the most mundane scenes can seem  magical if viewed from the right angle. This section is to help readers view the world from new angles. The third section is Month-In-Review and is created as a central hub to find past blog posts in a more efficient manner. Each post is done at the end of a month and recaps all the blog posts of that month. This is a good section to start for readers looking for past posts to read.

A Cup of Joe is run by aspiring-author and Peace Corps Volunteer Joseph. Joseph has a varied background in the writing world, including as a News Correspondent and Columnist for a regional paper to becoming editor-in-chief and publisher for a newsletter serving a large philanthropic organization. Joseph is looking forward to introducing the vibrant and rich culture of Moldova to his readers. To learn more about Joseph, please visit the Just Joe page.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Peace Corps, the Moldovan government, or any entity of the U.S. Government.

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  1. Joe, your dad just told me about your blog. I am going to share it with my class. And occasionally heckle you.

    – Mr. Schmitt


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